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About Us

Welcome til iBLOPPER

formerly known as “The Bubble Logger Project”!

This site started as an Arduino project to see if one could use a cheap sound sensor and cheap Arduino CPU till measure the activity when fermenting including foresee gravity. It originate back till 2018 or so where the first Bubble Loggers builds was posted.

During time some other builds was done as seen below, but the original idea of estimating SG from CO2 bubble release never died and hence iBLOPPER is active again for vibration detection.

All above was basically started as both TILT and PLATTO was so expensive. Hence the goal of iBLOPPER is to give the homebrewer a cheap way to measure activity, temperature and gravity by not emerging anything into the wort. Secondly, it should look good/ok, be easy to build/handle, and especially the cost should not be high.

Old/other Builds:


“Fake Fat Pink Tilt”.

Who is behind iBLOPPER/Bubble Logger?

My name is Klaus and I am a 47 years old passionate homebrewer with education in Agriculture/Microbiology/Chemistry. I have a long time interest in programming, science and homepages, and all is more less “brewed” into this project of iBLOPPER/”The Bubble Logger Project”.


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Email: info[a]