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  • A Bubble-Activity-Fermentation logger detecting vibration form bubble release (BPM).
  • A temperature controller triggering WiFi Smart Plug.
  • Acts as a support device capturing TILT, RAPT PILL and iSPINDEL signals/data.
  • CLOUD Connected.
  • Based on M5stack Atom S3 LCD ~ 20 EUR*
  • Free to use **

*You can also use a ESP 32 DevKit1, see FAQ!

** We might need to take a small fee future wise to cover the server/service!


iBLOPPER MATE is a Bubble-Activity-Fermentation logger and temperature controller to be attached to your airlock. It detects the release of a bubble by vibration/gyroscope, reporting, Blops pr. min (BPM), indicative SG estimate and temperature into iBLOPPER CLOUD. We call this “iBLOPPER mode”.

In a second mode it works as a support device for TILT, RAPT PILL or iSPINDEL capturing these eHydrometers signals and feeds their data + BPM/sum Blops into iBLOPPER CLOUD. This we call “MATE mode”.

The iBLOPPER MATE can trigger a set of Wifi Smart Plug and hence acts as a temperature controller too.

To use iBLOPPER MATE just attach it to your airlock by rubber bands, then enter your brew details at iBLOPPER CLOUD.

Where to Buy?

To start you experience with iBLOPPER MATE  you just need to by a “M5stack ATOM S3 LED”. Below is listed some shops to buy “M5stack ATOM S3 LED” (if you wish add a temperature probe especially for the “iBLOPPER mode”, please see FAQ on how to build):

“iBLOPPER mode” – working as sole logging device.
“MATE mode” – working as a helper device for TILT, RAPT PILL or iSPINDEL.


iBLOPPER CLOUD CONNECTED. The Logger is completely autonomous, hence, only need wifi credentials set once and else all handling/controlling is entirely done at the iBLOPPER CLOUD page. Hence, please register with your 7-8 cipher unique iBLOPPER MATE Number at iBLOPPER CLOUD.

At the CLOUD you can set brew name, size, OG and polynomial for speed of fermentation. You can ofcouse start, stop and delete logged brews including selecting support for your eHydroemter of TILT, RAPT Pill or iSPINDEL.

You can change setting for Fahrenheit, set time zone and forward the current Active Brew till BrewSpy, Brewfather, Ubidots or Brewersfriend if you wish. A RESTfull API is also provided for attaching data till other services.

iBLOPPER CLOUD is a crude installment for a CLOUD service, but continuedly work is planned.

10253693/qwerty123 (“iBLOPPER mode”)
13394720/qwerty123 (“MATE mode”)

Temperatur Control by Smart Wifi Plug

iBLOPPER MATE can trigger a set of Wifi Smart Plug from Shelly or Tasmota over your local internet by http commands and hence you can control your frezzer/heating agent from iBLOPPER CLOUD.

Currently we propose you buy “Athom – Tasmota Plug” as they is avaivble, very easy to set up and shiped all over the globe.

All plugs need to be on same local network as the iBLOPPER MATE and hence, the iBLOPPER MATE will trigger the plug by http command over the local network. 

Let’s us build together

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 Updated till Version M5.2 (12/5- 2024).

 Free to use unless you support Putin! Free Ukraine!