iBLOPPER – iot Fermentation Logger!

A 33 EUR cheap activity and fermentation logger to attach to your airlock.

Sold as a Arduino-kit as BuildersWare (Build you self).

Bubble Logger

iBLOPPER is a activity fermentation logger to be attached to your airclock. It works by detecting tiny vibration/movement when a bubble is released reporting Blops pr. min, indicative SG and temperature.

Cloud connected

iBLOPPER send Blops pr. Min (BPM), Sum BPM/L, Temperature and indicative Gravity (SG) estimate till the cloud, e.g. Ubidots STEM and Brewfather. It also hold it own simple webserver.


To keep the price down for you as user, and to simulate the DIY community of brewers we sell the iBLOPPER as a easy to build Arudino-kit incl. license for 33 EUR or the License alone for 25 EUR if you wish to source components yourself/otherways. We call this for BuildersWare.

What is the iBLOPPER?

The iBLOPPER is a small box you attach til your airlock of choice (currently tested for S-airlock), and it monitor the bubbles (Blops pr. min (BPM)) turning this data into SG estimate. Also it logs the temperature.

To use the iBLOPPER just attach the iBLOPPER to your airlock by rubber band enter the brewname, brewsize and OG. During the brew at preferably during high kreutzen you will need to take one hydrometer reading and by very simple maths you will be able to predict the SG with an error of mean of 3-5 SG points. This way you get both fermentation activity data by BPM and SG estimates to judge how far your fermentation have come. All while we monitor outside fermenter, hence, no floating tubes in wort.

The logger got a Access Point mode to enter all needed inputs and else run autonomous. It contains it own very simple webserver, but we strongly propose to make use of Ubidots STEM and/or Brewfather to log the data.

Easy to build

The iBLOPPER is rather simple to build and very easy to solder with only 7 very simple solderings and taking around 1 hour. The kit cost 33 EUR contains all you need (you supply usb-cable and charger yourself as most have spare one lying around). This business model is chosen as this is born and raised as an Arduino adventure, and we simply dont wish to end at an outrageous high price of 130-150 EUR as other loggers.

We give full garanty for the Arduino-Kit. The Software is uploaded and tested by us till the CPU (NodeMCU), and incase something goes wrong during building we offer to ship a new one for the cost of gods + portal service.

Deep drive down into the data behind

The data behind iBLOPPER goes back till former builds and hence all the way till 2019. A model currently consists of 30 brews have been made ensuring linear behaviour between reduction in gravity (rG) and Sum BPM/L, hence, by 1st degree polynomial/modellistic approach the blops pr. min (BPM) can be turned into a indicative rG/SG estimates.  In this sense we emulate PLAATO.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


Let’s us build together

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