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iBLOPPER MATE is an Arduino device based on “M5stack ATOM S3 LCD. It monitor your yeast activity by motioning the CO2 blops pr. minute (BPM) by vibration/gyroscope sensor. Besides BPM, also “Sum blops/L” and temperature is logged. Based on Sum Blops/L indicative gravity estimate is given by polynomial/modelistic approach.

It works by placing iBLOPPER MATE on the outside of the airlock, and iBLOPPER MATE then detects the tiny movement/vibration the airlock makes at the release of a bubble. Hence, it need placed away from vibrations and please consider use a flamingo mat in cooler or similarly ensuring the fermenter and iBLOPPER MATE including cables is isolated from vibrations.

All data is then send easily till iBLOPPER CLOUD.

How to:

  1. Attach iBLOPPER till your S-airlock.
  2. If S-airlock. Use 5ml water in it.
  3. Goto iBLOPPER CLOUD and enter Brewname, OG, Brewsize.
  4. Decide on Start-out polynomial at iBLOPPER CLOUD.
  5. Follow the Blop pr. min (BPM) at iBLOPPER CLOUD.
  6. During 50-75% into fermentation (preferably way after high kreuzen has passed), take one midterm hydrometer reading. Calculate the speed of fermentation (polynomial) by the provided tool at iBLOPPER CLOUD.
  7. That its. Hence, this way you can foresee the final SG by an error of mean of 3 points.

Hydrometer reading of OG and “one hydrometer reading” must be precise. This give you full insight in the fermentation, by activity, temperature, and how far it have come through indicative SG estimate. All by not adding anything into the wort.

(1 Reduction in gravity, rG = OG – SG)

2 modes of use, etiher “iBLOPPER mode” or “MATE mode”

In “iBLOPPER mode” the iBLOPPER MATE works as a sole logging device and the software can though the “Sum Blops/L” be used to give an indicative SG/rG (reduction in gravity) by polynomial approach. To ensure a reliable SG estimation and to account for the many factors affecting CO2 release the users needs to conduct a midterm “one hydrometer reading” when you either way would dry hop, move to secondary, etc. and following you should re-calculating and updating the polynomial for the current brew by simple maths.

If you run iBLOPPER MATE in “MATE mode” it will work as a support device till eHydrometers by capturing the Bluetooth signals from TILT or RAPT PILL and for iSPINDEL it will make an Acess Point for iSPINDEL to connect till. In the overviews at iBLOPPER CLOUD the eHydrometers data will replace the gravity and temperature grafs.

For all 3 eHyrdometers it will help users with metal fermenters as the 3d antenna hold impressive abilities to pick up the eHydrometers signals either by WiFi or Bluetooth.

iBLOPPER MATE Installer.

How to Install

To install you need:

  1. Install Windows D2XX drivers if needed.
  2. Download the iBLOPPER MATE installer (see below). Run it.
  3. Press button on side of M5stack ATOM S3 for 2 sec, until it light green to set it in boot-loader mode.
  4. Select the USB PORT.
  5. Install by hitting “Burn” (after M5stack ATOM S3 has showed the green light on side) .

Please Notice, the erase function of the installer is disabled.

iBLOPPER MATE v.M5.2 for both "M5stack S3 Atom LCD" and for "ESP32 DevKit1" (24 downloads)

If you build an iBLOPPER MATE  please consider Donate us!

Setup WiFi

The only thing you need to do in iBLOPPER MATE is to enter the WiFi credentials of your WiFi network. Please notice the iBLOPPER MATE number as you must use the number as your username when register your account at iBLOPPER CLOUD.

Register and login

To register your account you must use the iBLOPPER MATE number as shown above under Setup WiFI, eg “iBLOPPER CONNECT 8799914” and only this number based username can be used. It must be the number your iBLOPPER MATEshow, and you cannot use others number/usernames at all.

If you build an iBLOPPER MATE please consider Donate us!