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Where to buy?

To start you experience with iBLOPPER MATE  you just need to by a “M5stack ATOM S3 LED”. For details on the “lite” version or if you wish add a temperature probe especially for the “iBLOPPER mode”, please see FAQ.

Below is listed some shops to buy “M5stack ATOM S3 LED”:

If you build an iBLOPPER MATE  please consider Donate us!

How to Install

To install you need:

  1. Install Windows D2XX drivers if needed.
  2. Download the iBLOPPER MATE installer (see below). Run it.
  3. Select the USB PORT.
  4. Press button on side of M5stack ATOM S3 for 2 sec, until it light green to set it in boot-loader mode.
  5. Install.

If you build an iBLOPPER MATE  please consider Donate us!

Setup WiFi

The only thing you need to do in iBLOPPER MATE is to enter the WiFi credentials of your WiFi network. Please notice the iBLOPPER MATE number as you must use the number as your username when register your account at iBLOPPER CLOUD.

Register and login

To register your account you must use the iBLOPPER MATE number as shown above under Setup WiFI, eg “iBLOPPER CONNECT 8799914” and only this number based username can be used. It must be the number your iBLOPPER MATEshow, and you cannot use others number/usernames at all.

If you build an iBLOPPER MATE please consider Donate us!