How To build, install and wifi setup?

To build an iBLOPPER you need

  • 1x NodeMCU AMICA or one Wemos D1 Mini.
  • 1x Box or some plate/foundation of 55×35mm. Or just use logger hard side towards airlock.
  • 1x DS18b20 probe, 1 meter, + resistor.
  • 1x MPU6050.
  • Moisture protection (Balloon and some tape. 12cm balloons fits proposed box, or just use tape for simplicity or normal balloons.)

Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266)


Below you find the diagram of D1 Mini build.

NodeMCU AMICA build.

Please notice NodeMCU (ESP8266) can be found in both LOOLIN version and AMICA version. The normal NodeMCU (LOLIN) is slightly bigger than the NodeMCU AMICA version. Becouse of the bigger size we do not recommend LOLIN as they get just to big for S-airlock according to our experience. But if you got some lying around, try it out.

By modded means the legs D7, D8, RX, TX must be removed or otherwise ensured hold not connections at all till MPU6050. Regarding the box can be seen as optional (see last below picture on the “padding/stuff” version).

Diagram for NodeMCU build.


At iBLOPPER CLOUD you can set the sensitivity or treadshold when a bubble should be detected. Box version of iBLOPPER should have 3 till 6, and I find 4 to be best. But you can finetune if needed to remove double blops or if you loose any.

NOTICE: The iBLOPPER do internally calibrate the MPU6050 during the first 5 sec after turned on and it is important it is placed on the airlock and hold still at the moment it do this internal calibration of the MPU6050.

Installing and install files

To install you need:

  1. Install CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers so you PC can find and see the NodeMCU/Wemos D1 Mini.
  2. Install ESP Home Flasher, e.g. flash program to flash install-bins (see below). The flash program also give your the possibility to see and view what going on inside logger (see video above).
  3. Download the below Install-bin files accordingly.

Ton install the bin file you should use “ESP Home Flasher”, and please also notice this flasher program can be uses to see what happens in the logger during the run. Hence, please use it to play a bit around and check everything.

Install files:

iBLOPPER_ver2.1 NodeMCU (for iBLOPPER CLOUD) (5 downloads) iBLOPPER_ver2.1_Wemos D1 Mini (for iBLOPPER CLOUD) (4 downloads)

Obsolete builds:

iBLOPPER_ver1.3_NodeMCU (PORTAL; no CLOUD). (48 downloads) iBLOPPER_v1.3_Wemos_D1_MINI (PORTAL; no CLOUD) (39 downloads)

Setup WiFi

The only thing you need todo in iBLOPPER is to enter the WiFi credentials of your WiFi network:

Please notice the 7_8 chipher iBLOPPER number as you must use the number as your username when register your account at iBLOPPER CLOUD.

Register and login

The final register and login should be simple, else please see video. Please notice you must use the iBLOPPER number as shown above under Setup WiFI.