If you wish to support us by buying a license please follow below link. Buying a license ensure you do not share the needed API calls by others and thus give a fully stable logger. We give money back guaranty of 30 days (e.g. 15 EUR to cover the PayPal fees).

iBLOPPER is free to use and test by the “free” license renewed quarterly, e.g 31 March, 31 June, 31 September, and then 31 December (or roughly dates). Hence, not to get decapitated logging, remember these dates….or… us by buy you own sole license supporting 2 devices.

iBLOPPER License supports 2 devices at same location (you source components yourself, we send license code by email), 20 EUR

If any questions please contact us! Please, notice price do not cover tax or custom for your country if outside of EU.  Damage during building we take no liability for. Buying a license grant access till two devices, and please understand we will revoke license if we see misconduct of license terms. By buying the license you accept we monitor you license, mac-id of device and location (post code and country). We sell the iBLOPPER license as a hobby project, under the Danish rules for this. We offer money back guarantee of 30 days, e.g. the price subtracted by the Paypal fee. This equals 15 EUR of the full price of 20 EUR.