The iBLOPPER kit contains:

iBLOPPER Arduino BuildersWare Kit (Components + license) as above, 33 EUR
iBLOPPER License only (you source components yourself, we send license code and info on downloading software/installing by email), 25 EUR
SHIPPING – SEND BY LETTER (no track/trace nor insurance) 5 EUR shipping World Wide.
SHIPPING – SEND BY RECCOMEDATION LETTER (including track/trace + insurance) 20 EUR shipping World Wide.
(1) We modd the NodeMCU by removing legs for the MPU6050 placement, and bent the temperature legs, to indicate where to solder.

If any questions please contact us! Please, notice price do not cover tax or custom for your country if outside of EU. Incase faulty components you should contact us for a solution, hence, we give full garanty according till EU rules or subsidized by sending money back for faulty components. Damage during building we take no liability for. Buying a kit or a license grant access till one device, and please understand we will revoke license if we see misconduct of license terms. By buying either the kit or a license you accept we monitor you license, mac-id of device and location (post code and country). We sell the iBLOPPER as a hobby project, under the Danish rules for this. We offer money back guarantee of 30 days, e.g. the price subtracted by the cost of components and Paypal fee. This equals 23 EUR of the full price of 33/25 EUR. We adhire till RoHS certification. Supports business and portal service in our EU community. We ship by Letter world-wide by the Danish/Swedish postal service, PostNord. Incase parcel goes wrong by shipping without track/trace we offer to send new components for the cost price (8 EUR) + portal fee (5 EUR). Variations of about links till components can be changed based on availability.