You can send the data from iSPINDEL till iBLOPPER CLOUD and hence include this dataset to get a even better overview of the fermentation progession.

To do so is very simple, and you just need to find your iSPINDEL id, and else send the data till iBLOPPER CLOUD.


1). find the iSPINDEL chip id, by going into the Access point of iSPINDEL and hit “Information”. Here you find Chip_ID.

2). Then under configuration, add the data for sending till as picture state.

3). Notice “Unit of temperature” must be “CELSIUS” too.

Then at iBLOPPER CLOUD settings, just add the iSPINDEL ID:

And at the Dashboard of iSPINDEL CLOUD, the iSPINDEL data will come up:

And at the view or edit screen, you will now see iSPINDEL graphs come up for temperature and SG: