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You can send the iSPINDEL wifi signal over local network till the local ardress of SPINDELMATE and hence both use SPINDELMATE CLOUD but also the temperature controlling part of the SPINDELMATE software. Both iSPINDEL and SPINDELMATE must be on same local network.

1). Find the iSPINDEL chip id, by going into the Access point of iSPINDEL and hit “Information”. Here you find “Chip ID”. This number must be entered in SPINDELMATE CLOUD settings at “TILT Colour/RAPT Pill/iSPINDEL”.

2). The iSPINDEL should send over local internet till the local ip of SPINDEMATE, eg. in below example (see in router, or use serial output of Brewflasher, Arduino IDE or Esphome-flasher as SPINDELMATE logger do state the local IP during startup).

3). The iSPINDEL should send by HTTP at port 80 and use “/” as patch. Please, Notice “Unit of temperature” must be “CELSIUS” too.