A Temperature Controller can be added till iBLOPPER CLOUD and hence by using the temperature reading from iBLOPPER you can easily control the fermentation temperature at iBLOPPER CLOUD.

!!!Relay and warning = beta software!!!

!!! PLEASE only do this build if you skilled in working with high voltage !!!

!!! Use on you own risk !!!

This software is in beta and even I have included all the safety I can think off please treat it carefully. The Relay do turn off if iBLOPPER is not found. TempControl do not support temperatures below 2´C or above 60´C (notice the C) and will turn relay of if set outside this range. If the wifi is unstable, and hence if the logger lose wifi it will restart to secure a new connection, hence, there is build in a behavior of restarting. If you experience any melt-down where the logger get stuck in either heating or cooling mode, please, let me know!

TempContro only function with the temperatur probe of iBLOPPER, and hence, if you build whitout temperature probe you cannot make use of TempControl.

For stability reason only use USB charger with 1.0A or more as else you will see issues (the power drain is high).


Pin Layout:

NodeMCU PIN D6 = heating

NodeMCU PIN D5 = cooling

Needed parts:

1 NodeMCU or D1 Mini (anykind)

1 dual channel relay

some cords and props


  1. Install CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers so you PC can find and see the NodeMCU/Wemos D1 Mini.
  2. Install ESP Home Flasher, e.g. flash program to flash install-bins (see below). The flash program also give your the possibility to see and view what going on inside logger.
  3. Download the below Install-bin file accordingly.

Ton install the bin file you should use “ESP Home Flasher”, and please also notice this flasher program can be uses to see what happens in the logger during the run. Hence, please use it to play a bit around and check everything.

TempControl for iBLOPPER CLOUD v1.0 (18 downloads)


To setup the TempControl you need to set Wifi credential in Access point during the first 60 sec´s the TempControl logger is running. Secodly, you need to enter your private and secert TOKEN. Else please notice the ID number of the TempControl (in this case 1610xxxx) as this one must be entered in iBLOPPER CLOUD to link the temperature controller till iBLOPPER temeprature reading.

And in iBLOPPER CLOUD, you just add this number and also add the secert TOKEN you use to connect TempControl till iBLOPPER CLOUD:

….and thereafter, the external TempControl logger come up in iBLOPPER CLOUD:

…..and you can see the detail data of powerstate and set-temeprature at the “Temperature Controller Data” link:

…..where a positive powerstate equals heating and a negative means cooling.