Temperature Control by Shelly Plugs

iBLOPPER CLOUD and iBLOPPER ver. 3.0 onwards can control a pair of Shelly Plugs to control your heating agent and/or cooling system. They are rated till 2500W and should cover most homebrewer needs.

The Shelly Plugs needs to be on same local network as the iBLOPPER and hence, the iBLOPPER will trigger the target plug by the following http command on the local network by pointing at the plugs local IP adress:

http://user:password@"SHELLY PLUG LOCAL IP"/relay/0?turn=on&timer=YYY

where YYY equals the time in secs before closing relay down again. The use of user:password is optional and based on your setting in the Shelly app.

If you router allows to set static IP, you should do so as else the IP can change in the router after powerloss or the lease of IP runs out. Leavng the plug on all time should renew the lease in the router and hence lower this issue.

Assuming you have set up the Shelly Plug and can now control a light bulb/lamp by it, you should find the local IP adress of you Shelly Plug and include this in iBLOPPER CLOUD under “Advance Settings”.

Picture or iBLOPPER CLOUD “Advance Setings” for Temperature Control by Shelly Plugs.

The hysteresis decides how much levage (over or under) target temperature is needed before the Shelly Plug should be turn on. Hence, this should ensure the Shelly Plugs trigger especially the cooler on/off just around the setpoint.

As soon as you have turn Temperature control on, you should be able to set the settemp at the main screeen:

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